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Rugged Enclosure

The MAX System™ is an enclosed deburring system. The system comes standard with a dry dust collection fan. It can be fitted with an optional wash system to help cleanse the part as well as reduce the dust that the operator is exposed to.

The enclosure consists of heavy-duty steel construction reinforced with heavy-duty structural tubing.

The systems are all powder-coated with the latest technologies. Powder-coat has proved far superior to any other form of paint.

Two ply, laminated safety-glass is used in place of plastics for all the windows. Over the years of business we have found that glass lasts longer, stays cleaner and clearer than any plastic.

All the systems feature a dual-bulb 115 vac waterproof light to provide an abundance of light.

The front was designed to provide the operator with open access for loading and unloading parts. The doors are equipped with tamper-proof door switches that disable all motion as soon as it is opened. The doors move with minimal input from the operator.

At the rear of the machine, large access doors are mounted on a single hinge with quarter-turn clamping door latches. Each door opens 110 degrees; giving unrestricted access for troubleshooting, maintenance, setup and cleaning routines.

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