In the case of this auto system, which is referred as manual, the term “manual” again denotes the adjustments of the tooling.

Our AutoMAX features our MAX technologies to save part recipes. With the MAX technology integrated into an auto system, you can have movement within the recipe which means that stroking a part, threading and interpolation are possible.

Also, a great benefit is being able to keep a “baseline” recipe, without danger of losing it, and creating another for testing. This biggest drawback to a manually-setup auto system above, is the all-knowing operator that has to tinker with things. The number-one complaint from anyone with an auto system is that the operators lose the setups.

The Auto Indexer is a fantastic option for the high-volume plant that wants a machine to perform many different operations on a part in an extremely short period of time.

These systems can have up to eight(8) index stations and unique tooling at each station. Cycles times on these machines are still usually less then 14 seconds.

Another very attractive option that is frequently used is using the eight(8) stations with identical tooling, and all stations set to perform the same job. This is Sequential-Operation mode. In this configuration, the machine will use a perishable tool until it is worn out, then it will automatically switch to the next station unit, it too, is worn out. This continues until the eighth station is reached at which point the machine will notify the operator for a tool change. This usually means the machine can run many shifts without ever stopping for a tool change