The most elemental of our MAX Systems. This revolution in chamfering and deburring evolution is perfect for a human or robotic load and unload situation.

Options vary from a manual door opened and closed by the operator to a powered door that closes upon request and ends when the cycle is complete. The door automatically opening is a great visual indicator to the operator that the cycle is done and ready for another part

A SynchroMAX is perfect for a higher production facility needing to maximize their operators. A SynchroMAX allows the operator to multi-task between several machines by giving the operator ample time to load and unload a part at their discretion. This is accomplished by having a two-position index system, or pallet changer as we call it, where a part can be loaded and unloaded any time during the cycle time it takes to process a part on the working-side of the pallet changer. When the unload and load is complete, the operator presses a “continue” button, the doors close, and when the cycle currently in process is complete, the pallet changes positions. When the pallet change is complete, the door opens giving the operator that “visual cue” that says the machine is ready to change parts.

Our AutoMAX features our MAX technologies to save part recipes. With the MAX technology integrated into an auto system, you can have movement within the recipe which means that stroking a part, threading and interpolation are possible.

Also, a great benefit is being able to keep a “baseline” recipe, without danger of losing it, and creating another for testing. This biggest drawback to a manually-setup auto system above, is the all-knowing operator that has to tinker with things. The number-one complaint from anyone with an auto system is that the operators lose the setups.