Our Mission

To provide the best possible product to our customers! Giving them aerospace finishes at automotive prices.

Our Beginning

Our history begins when James Richards was working in Formula 1 providing leading-edge transmission solutions. It was then that James Engineering started to materialize as the need for precision deburring and chamfering was needed for the state-of-the-art transmissions. James was a key figure in allowing Nelson Piquet to win the Formula 1 World Championship twice, Gordon Johncock to win Indianapolis 500, and Electromotive to claim the GTP Championship. During that time, James himself won NHRA’s best engineering award. Shortly after that time, James brought his innovations to the world. Since then James Engineering has brought the world pioneering advancements.

1981 piquet_germany1981_1680x720jpg.jpg

1981 F1 World Championship with Nelson Piquet

1982 Gordon Johncock Indy 500.jpg

1982 Indianapolis 500 with Gordon Johncock


James won a Duffy for National Hot Rod Association’s (NHRA) Best Engineered Car at the Pomona Winter Nationals in 1982

1983 Piquetmonaco.jpg

1983 F1 World Championship with Nelson Piquet