James Engineering

One Time Setup

Are you losing operators and forgetting setups? If so, the MAX System™ is your answer.

The JE Advantage

Are you looking for an aerospace finish but afraid of what it is going to cost you? James Engineering brings the most comprehensive line of Manual Deburring Machines at a price that is perfect for you!

We bring the science to you!

  • Each and every machine features automatic tool wear compensation
  • Our finishes are the most consistent and beautiful around!
  • Our refinement has led to five simple axis' of adjustment. Each axis is isolated from the other so when one is adjusted, the other is not affected.
  • Modularity. All of our systems are completely modular. We use the same equipment from aerospace to job shops, to high volume gear production shops. As a result we spend our time refining our equipment instead of designing new ones. It allows us to put a downed machine back into service in moments. If something breaks, it can be replaced in less than five minutes; even in our automatic deburring and chamfering systems.

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