Why James Engineering?

All of our machines have these great features and more:

  • Automatic Wheel-Wear Compensation - No tweaking the setup…ever!

  • Bringing aerospace finish quality to mass production

  • True full-radius

  • No secondary burrs

  • Smooth uniform chamfers without striations

  • Unmatched cycle times

  • The fastest and the easiest machines to setup

  • We work with more house-hold names than any other deburring company


“Manual” refers to the setup requirement of most machines to switch from one part type to another. For a “manual” deburring machine, you will need a talented operator who understands how to set the tooling of the machine to deburr the part precisely as you need it. You also should understand that James Engineering is widely acknowledged as having the easiest and fastest machines to setup. Other deburring companies do not mention how important this aspect of the machine is, because they do not have auto-setup machines, which can match our MAX System capabilities. Changing from one part number to another using another provider’s manual deburring machine can take up to 30-40 minutes. This setup process will also scrap up to three parts used to refine that setup function before quality deburring of the new part type is achieved.

A MAX System is a zero-setup system. You can create recipes for each part and save them. Once the recipe is created, you will never have to do it again. This means that when you change from one part to another, the machine automatically changes it’s setting, positions, pressures, etc. The time to change between one part and another is literally three (3) seconds. This also means, that you can run random parts through the machine; you no longer have to run parts in batches. You can run parts in batches but having the ability to run whatever you want, whenever you want, is a game-changer!

Perhaps the most brilliant feature of a MAX is that it can use a single tool to perform multiple operations. Unlike a manual machine, where several setup changes might be needed to do multiple operations, you can program a MAX to walk around the part performing many different operations.

An Auto System is a “lights out” system that is typically conveyor loaded and unloaded. These systems feature their own conveyance and pick and place loader. Cycle times are usually between three(3) seconds and 30 seconds.